10 of Wall Street's Biggest Disappointments of the 2010s

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    The decade wasn't kind to these companies.

    The past decade marked the end of many companies, even ones that were beloved by consumers for many years. Several factors led to their demise, including the acquisition of some companies by private equity firms who took on too much debt, failure to adopt technology and not keeping up with their competitors. Shifting consumer sentiment and failure to embrace digital technology wounded many of these companies, says Joshua Posamentier, co-founder and managing partner at Congruent Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture firm. Here are 10 major companies that had huge downturns in the 2010s.

    Eastman Kodak Co. (ticker: KODK)

    Kodak's reliance on selling film was a gamble it lost. By the 1980s, Kodak sold, spun off or shut down businesses that were less ...



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