Searching For A True Swing in UDR Inc. (UDR)? Read This

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    UDR Inc.’s stock (NYSE:UDR) has been rated as Neutral by Goldman. This latest rating was contained in a recent research note published by the firm on November 08, 2019 and has set a $53 price target for the stock. Some experts on Wall Street have also posted a report on UDR Inc. (UDR) stock.

    Mizuho rated the stock as a Neutral in a research noted published on November 07, 2019. Robert W. Baird rated the stock as a Outperform in a research note published on October 14, 2019.

    As it stands, a total of 22 analysts are covering UDR stock, with 5 of them rating it as a Buy while 2 of them rating it as Overweight. 14 analysts meanwhile advised investors to Hold, 0 rated it as Underweight while the 1 rated it as a Sell. A look at the overall ratings means that UDR Inc. (UDR) stock has an avera ...



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