Brazil could lose its U.N. vote due to debt

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    By Michelle Nichols and Marcela Ayres

    UNITED NATIONS/BRASILIA, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Brazil is in danger of losing its vote at the cash-strapped United Nations if it does not pay some of the $400 million it owes by the end of the year, U.N. and Brazilian officials said.

    Of Brazil's $415.8 million bill, $143 million is owed for 2019, they said.

    Under U.N. rules, if a country is in arrears in an amount that equals or exceeds the contributions due for the previous two years, it can lose its General Assembly vote unless the country can show its inability to pay is beyond its control.

    "There is considerable risk that Brazil, for the first time ever, will lose its right to vote at the U.N. as of January 1, 2020," the Economy Ministry's secretary for international relations Erivaldo Gomes said ...



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