Why Pete Buttigieg ticks off the other Democratic candidates

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    Perhaps you can understand why Cory Booker finds Pete Buttigieg’s success as a candidate a little frustrating. As the New Jersey senator has pointed out, like Buttigieg, he was a Rhodes scholar and a mayor (though of Newark, a city nearly three times as large as South Bend, Ind.). Yet Buttigieg has gotten loads of positive media coverage and has seen his stock rise, with at least one poll putting him first in Iowa.

    So a pro-Booker super PAC has decided to air an ad in Iowa directly targeting Buttigieg:

    One might reasonably ask why a political action committee trying to help a trailing candidate is going after the guy who’s currently in fourth place in national polls. Whatever the strategic calculation, there are a lot of people in the Democratic Party who resent Buttigieg’s (still modest) ...



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