Targa Resources Partners (NYSE:NGLS.PA) Trading Down 0.6%

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    Targa Resources Partners LP (NYSE:NGLS.PA) traded down 0.6% during trading on Tuesday . The company traded as low as $26.32 and last traded at $26.32, 5,074 shares were traded during mid-day trading. A decline of 100% from the average session volume of 3,123,523 shares. The stock had previously closed at $26.48.

    The firm’s fifty day moving average price is $26.95 and its 200-day moving average price is $27.06.

    Targa Resources Partners Company Profile (NYSE:NGLS.PA)

    Targa Resources Partners LP is a provider of midstream natural gas and natural gas liquid (NGL) services in the United States with a presence in crude oil gathering and petroleum terminaling. The Company is engaged in the business of gathering, compressing, treating, processing and selling natural gas; storing, fractionati ...



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