If You Had Bought Wanda Hotel Development (HKG:169) Stock Five Years Ago, You'd Be Sitting On A 77% Loss, Today

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    Some stocks are best avoided. It hits us in the gut when we see fellow investors suffer a loss. Anyone who held Wanda Hotel Development Company Limited (HKG:169) for five years would be nursing their metaphorical wounds since the share price dropped 77% in that time. We also note that the stock has performed poorly over the last year, with the share price down 39%. It's up 1.3% in the last seven days.

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    Wanda Hotel Development isn't currently profitable, so most analysts would look to revenue growth to get an idea of how fast the underlying business is growing. When a company doesn't make profits, we'd generally expect to see good revenue growth. As you can imagine, fast revenue growth, when maintained, often leads to fast profit growth ...



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