Contaminated blood inquiry: Karisa Jones speaks of 'nightmare' diagnosis

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    Welsh victims of the contaminated blood scandal have started giving evidence to a public inquiry.

    Karisa Jones‘s husband Geraint was given infected blood in a transfusion in 1990 after losing his leg in a forklift truck accident at work.

    He died 12 years after contracting hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis. The virus was passed on to Mrs Jones but she is now clear of the disease.

    Hearings are being held in Cardiff over the next four days.

    At least 300 victims from Wales were left with chronic or life-limiting conditions such as hepatitis or HIV after receiving contaminated blood products in the 1970s and 80s.

    Mrs Jones, from Pontardawe, in the Swansea valley, said she and her husband were “just floored” after he was diagnosed 12 years after his accident.

    “It was unreal, it was just a ...



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