What investors should do with:: Dropbox, Inc., (NASDAQ: DBX)

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    On 03-12-2019 (Tuesday), Shares of Dropbox, Inc., (NASDAQ: DBX) displayed a change of -0.82 after which it closed the day’ session at $18.2. The volume amounted to 5864279 shares which compares with the average volume of 3.33M shares. Dropbox, Inc., a USA based Company, belongs to Technology sector and Application Software industry. The shares of Dropbox, Inc. was among the active stocks of the last trading sessions.

    Performance Review:

    To clear the blur picture shareholders will need to look a little deeper. The LiveRamp Holdings, Inc. has shown a weekly performance of -3.32% and monthly performance stands at -7.42%.

    The stock has shown a quarterly performance of 2.23% and a half-year performance stands at -16.1%. Analyst recommendation for this stock stands at -10.18.

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