The nuclear fight for Sizewell on Suffolk's coast

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    Joan Girling has been fighting the nuclear industry most of her adult life.

    She was at school when the new Magnox reactor was begun on the Suffolk coast at Sizewell in the 1960s.

    Her father told her it was a “necessary evil”.

    But when she moved to Leiston, just a few miles from the nuclear power station, and work began on Sizewell B in the 1980s, she could no longer ignore it.

    “The traffic and the noise was so bad… I had to move house to the other side of Leiston. I had three children. I couldn‘t let them be exposed to that,” she said.

    Then in 1989 the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) proposed a Sizewell C and Joan decided she had to do something.

    At a fractious meeting at the Leiston Film Theatre in the High Street opposite the fish and chip shop, she founded Community ...



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