• LGF-A

  • Apple has to make a decisive move on content and subscribers and Lionsgate the logical buyout

  • The iPhone maker is expected to move into a new building in Culver City in 2019.
    Apple is confirming what its real estate dealings already signaled: that it plans to significantly expand its presence in Los Angeles as its original programming efforts grow.

  • volume half of what the bigger up day volume been recently.. bigger institutions likely buying in or accumulating more... trading at book value and would think a 2-2.5X min buyout around $28 to $34 fair for entire co. just have to have board and mgt. realize $45-50 never going to happen

  • this mgt team and board have no choice but sell entire company even if in parts... $40 to $14 during a boom in streaming and content wars... better move quickly before it’s back to 2009 levels!!!!!

  • LGFA .. why is MHR and Rachesky allowing their investment to disintegrate?? shocking what has happened to this stock over past 18 months..

  • Mkt surging and all media entertainment stocks EXCEPT LGF .. This MGT and board needs to do the right thing now for it’s shareholders and sell the company now !!! If today’s stock decline in relation to the mkt. and other media stocks isn’t a serious wake up call to them to close a deal they are in real violation of their corporate fiduciary responsibilities to maximize shareholder value..

  • put any and all acquisitions out to shareholder vote .. how can they turn down offers without shareholder having an opportunity to vote ???? the governance of this company is shameful..

  • That wasn’t insider buying btw.. that was unwarranted exec stock grants to undeserving MGT soaking this company for whatever they can in a self serving way .. how can this company issue stock to this MGT !! malpractice

  • Market sending message is why not holding 15 or 16 .. time for company to cash out at $27 $30 and move on!!!

  • More details earnings post call ...


  • LGFA - Acquirer may likely come from outside US to compete with Disney, Netflix, AttWarner, Amazon and Apple.. A Sony+CBS+VIAB+LGF makes sense to build global scale in content and distribution.. One thing I do know is LGF MGT better act fast or I could easily see a large Activist investor stepping in to execute a sale

  • LGF is so undervalued it is insane! trading at book value when at a minimum would be 2x or $27 per share.. a big Activist needs to step in to unlock value and do what is right for shareholders.. what the hell is MHR thinking right now ??? Great job guys!! I just lost $1.1 Billion last 18 months .. keep it up boys you killing it ..

  • NFLX only at 27X book.. even Discovery at 2.3X book .. puts LGFA value at $31 to $365 a share on similar valuation metric.. I’ll take $32 tomorrow

  • Sell it off in parts ASAP .. some of parts sale for Starz, StarzPlay etc, Film/TV production, channels and 17k Library worth $35 min. MHR asleep at the wheel .. Apple could buy them on a rounding error but FTC DOJ going rogue on our US Tech for politics sake

  • MGM, Lionsgate, Viacom and Sony have all kicked the tires in recent weeks for either an outright purchase or a significant stake, say sources.

    Some or all of Miramax — the iconic independent studio founded by Harvey and Bob Weinstein — could be sold "within the month," a source close to the company tells The Hollywood Reporter.

    Suitors for Miramax, whose library boasts Oscar winners Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love and The Crying Game, include MGM, Lionsgate, Viacom and Sony, all of which have kicked the tires in recent weeks for either an outright purchase or a significant stake, say sources.

  • Sony should buy LGF Miramax and MGM then CBS/VIAB.. be a formidable competitor to NBCUniversal and CMCSA

  • Big boys will be looking closely now at taking out LGF.. the Malone Redstone and even many in the PE world will be either making friendly or hostile offers if needed.. MHR cash out once and for all.. all those recent stock grants will vest and Jon Mike walk away with millions

  • got a question.. if there is an offer for $25 or $30 or $35 .. shouldn’t those be put to a vote by all shareholders rather than turned down by mgt. or board before we can vote on deal ? isn’t it their fiduciary obligation to present all offers and allow a shareholder vote ??? starting to see an opportunity for a class action lawsuit against this mgt/board

  • Viacom and CBS will need to get bigger even if the two do merge in order to better compete with tech giants, said media mogul Shari Redstone, who controls the two big entertainment companies.
    While the companies would be stronger together, ultimately they will need additional leverage in an increasingly competitive media landscape with or without a merger. “We would want to look at something after that to ...develop more scale as we move forward,” Ms. Redstone said in a rare interview on stage at The Information’s Women in Tech, Media and Finance conference Tuesday.

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