Patrick Mahomes Shares Honest Admission On Aaron Rodgers

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    The Packers are not budging on an Aaron Rodgers trade, as Green Bay’s general manager is reportedly telling other teams that his star quarterback will not be moved.

    However, Rodgers seems intent on leaving Green Bay, as those close to him believe he won’t play for the Packers again.

    If Rodgers is traded, the Denver Broncos are seen as a likely destination. That would put Rodgers in the same division as Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

    Most NFL fans would probably sign up for two games between Rodgers and Mahomes every season. But would Mahomes?

    The Chiefs’ star quarterback shared his reaction to the Rodgers rumors during an interview with Bleacher Report.

    “If he came to the AFC West, it would just make it a little tougher for us but we’re up for the challeng ...



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