Darden Restaurants (DRI) Attaining Market Attention on Technical Facts

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    Darden Restaurants (DRI) stock price move to $116.87 with percentage change of 2.14% during Thursday trading session. Along recent addition drift, stock price presented -5.75% down comparing value from it 52-week high point and showed 38.52% rise in value from its 52-week low point. The stock price performed 0.45% in the past week. Shares have performed 8.20% over the last quarter and moved 30.20% over the last twelve months.

    Darden Restaurants traded 1632899 shares at hands when compared with its average volume of 1203.77K shares. Volume could be considered as the most important technical tool. As price rises, ideally a trader would like to see higher volume, and as price falls, correspondingly lower volume. Technical analysis focuses on market action — specifically, volume and price. ...



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