Loss of Selkirk garage and 23 jobs deemed a “huge shock” for the town

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    Leven Car Company in Selkirk.

    The Dunsdale Haugh garage and showroom went into administration last week, but there were hopes that a buyer for it, and the company’s other two dealerships in Edinburgh, could be found.

    But after a week of uncertainty, the firm’s 23 staff at the Selkirk dealership, which acquired the franchises for Kia and Suzuki in Selkirk from previous owners the Belmont Group in March 2018, were told it had been closed with immediate effect.

    Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar said the garage’s closure had come as a huge blow for the town.

    “It’s very disappointing,” he said. “I had high hopes for the firm when it came into Selkirk as they really looked to promote the garage, and I thought they were really doing well.

    “They had a huge stock of new cars and they seemed to ...



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