These Unsung Funds Soared 18%, Pay Tax-Free Dividends

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    By Michael Foster

    Today IaEURtmm going to show you how one lucky group of investors nailed a once-in-a-lifetime shot at a huge, tax-free dividend stream and a quick 18% gain, too!

    Well, not exactly aEURoeonce-in-a-lifetime.aEUR Because this opportunity is still waiting for you todayaEUR"you just need to know how to tap it.

    In a moment, IaEURtmll give you the goods (including a name and ticker) on a closed-end fund (CEF) to target now. It hands you a 4.2% dividend you likely wonaEURtmt have to pay a penny of federal tax on (and your payout could be exempt from state taxes, as well).A

    To cut to the chase, thanks to its lucrative tax breaks, this fundaEURtms 4.2% payout could be worth 7% or more to you today, depending on your tax bracket.

    A Giving Uncle Sam the Slip

    How does this fun ...



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