Here's What The Southern Company's (NYSE:SO) P/E Ratio Is Telling Us

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    This article is for investors who would like to improve their understanding of price to earnings ratios (P/E ratios). We'll look at The Southern Company's (NYSE:SO) P/E ratio and reflect on what it tells us about the company's share price. What is Southern's P/E ratio? Well, based on the last twelve months it is 14.76. In other words, at today's prices, investors are paying $14.76 for every $1 in prior year profit.

    Check out our latest analysis for Southern How Do You Calculate Southern's P/E Ratio?

    The formula for price to earnings is:

    Price to Earnings Ratio = Share Price ÷ Earnings per Share (EPS)

    Or for Southern:

    P/E of 14.76 = USD64.92 ÷ USD4.40 (Based on the year to September 2019.)Is A High P/E Ratio Good?

    A higher P/E ratio means that buyers have to pay a higher price for each U ...



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