Apple readies legal fight with DOJ over unlocking iPhones, as Trump slams firm

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    Apple is said to be preparing to defy President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice in court over the thorny issue of whether it should unlock two iPhones used by a gunman last month.

    The shooter opened fire at a Pensacola, Florida, naval base in early December, killing three people before dying in a shootout with the police.

    On Monday, Attorney General William Barr asked Apple to provide access to two phones used by the shooter.

    Yet Apple has refused to build a backdoor that would allow access, and, according to a report in The New York Times, the tech giant's CEO Tim Cook is said to have gathered some top advisers for what could amount to a months-long legal clash. The goal, according to the Times, would be to avoid a prolonged confrontation but the firm is prepping for a legal ...



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