Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 presidential race after cratering poll numbers

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    Age on Inauguration Day 2021: 56

    Entered race:  May 2, 2019

    Career: Currently Colorado senator.  Educated at elite St. Albans preparatory school and was a Capitol Hill page before graduating Wesleyan and Yale Law School. Was law clerk and worked in Clinton's Department of Justice then moved to Colorado in 1997 as managing director of billionaire Philip Anschutz's investment company. Was chief of staff to Denver mayor John Hickenlooper, then superintendent of Denver Public schools. Appointed to vacant Colorado Senate seat in 2009, held it 48.1 to 46.4 in 2010 and 50 to 44.3 in 2016

    Family: Married to environmental attorney Susan Daggett, with three daughters - Halina, Anne and Caroline. Was born in New Delhi while to diplomat father Douglas Bennet, who went onto be CEO of ...



    Read Full News: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7752137/Kamala-Harris-drops-2020-presidential-race-cratering-poll-numbers.html

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