William Blair Weighs in on Everbridge Inc’s FY2019 Earnings (NASDAQ:EVBG)

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    Everbridge Inc (NASDAQ:EVBG) – Equities researchers at William Blair boosted their FY2019 EPS estimates for shares of Everbridge in a note issued to investors on Tuesday, November 5th. William Blair analyst B. Suri now forecasts that the technology company will post earnings of ($1.28) per share for the year, up from their previous estimate of ($1.40). William Blair also issued estimates for Everbridge’s Q4 2019 earnings at ($0.29) EPS, Q1 2020 earnings at ($0.41) EPS, Q2 2020 earnings at ($0.32) EPS, Q3 2020 earnings at ($0.29) EPS, Q4 2020 earnings at ($0.26) EPS and FY2020 earnings at ($1.27) EPS.

    Other equities analysts have also recently issued research reports about the stock. Northland Securities reissued a “buy” rating and issued a $99.00 target price on shares of Everbridge ...



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