Mike Scott shares hilarious slogan for Furkan Korkmaz shirt

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    After helping the Philadelphia 76ers to a much-needed win over the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday night, Mike Scott took to social media to help out with an idea for a Furkan Korkmaz shirt.

    Korkmaz’s reputation in Philadelphia got a huge boost when he hit a game-winning shot against the Portland Trail Blazers last weekend. He’s continued his strong play since then and chipped in 17 points in Sunday night’s win.

    As a result, his profile in Philadelphia has continued to grow and a member of the Sixers Twitter world reached out to their followers for ideas for a Korkmaz shirt. Naturally, another Philly cult hero stepped up with a slam dunk suggestion.

    Scott’s suggestion is hilarious and would definitely play well on a t-shirt. While there were a few other decent suggestions out there, most ...



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