I backed Sirius Minerals and Neil Woodford. Here's one thing I did get right

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    We all make mistakes. Nobody picks a winning stock or fund, every time. You will always buy some losers, and I’ve held two of the biggest of recent months. Yorkshire-based polyhalite potash fertiliser miner Sirius Minerals (LSE: SXX) and fallen star fund manager Neil Woodford’s flagship fund, LF Woodford Equity Income. Or rather, his former flagship, because he has now been cast overboard.

    Highs and lows

    I’m not complaining. I knew the risks (although I never expected Woodford of all people to foul up so badly). Save your sympathy for the locals who put a fat chunk of their life savings into Sirius, hoping that it would regenerate an economic backwater, or relied on Neil Woodford to manage the bulk of their retirement savings. I’ve still lost real money, though, and I can’t afford to do ...



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