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What is The Twiggs Money Flow Revealing For Shares of Teleflex Inc (TFX)?

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    Traders will be closely monitoring shares of Teleflex Inc (TFX) as the Twiggs Money Flow indicator has touched above the zero line, indicating positive momentum for the name.

    When Twiggs Money Flow Index moves above 0, players are accumulating and thus prices are subject to climb higher. When Twiggs Money Flow Index is below 0, players are distributing and prices are more subject to move lower.  Divergences of Twiggs Money Flow Index indicator with prices give also solid signals.  The signal was created by Colin Twiggs in an effort to improve upon the more well-known Chaikin Money Flow indicator.

    Investors may be taking a closer look at holdings and trying to decide which way the stock market will lean in the second half of the year. Maybe there are some surprising winners, and th ...



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