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An English Catholic hero: a very short biography of John Henry Newman

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    Newman combined intellectual insight with an almost childlike simplicity

    John Henry Newman was born in London at 80 Old Bond Street on February 21, 1801. His father, John Newman, was a private banker in the City of London, the son of a Mayfair grocer, originally of Cambridgeshire. His mother, Jemima (née Fourdrinier), was the daughter of a printer of Norman Huguenot stock, whose family had become well known for its innovative paper-making. Newman’s parents married in 1799 and had six children, John Henry being the eldest, followed by two younger sons and three daughters. Of Ham House, the family’s beloved summer home near Richmond, Newman recalled gazing at “candles in the windows in illumination for the victory at Trafalgar” – a fitting memory for a man who would himself become one o ...



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