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SmileDirectClub Has Given Back Most Its IPO-Driven Valuation Gain

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    Morning Markets: Today in “oh crud, that’s not recurring revenue!”

    When SmileDirectClub was going public, things looked great for the at-home, teeth-straightening company. After raising over $400 million while private, SmileDirect’s IPO pricing cycle went terrifically. The company initially set a $19 to $22 per-share IPO price range before selling nearly 60 million shares at $23 apiece.

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    The new per-share price valued SmileDirectClub at around $8.9 billion. For the Nashville-based company, that new valuation was rich and welcome. By pricing where it did, SmileDirect raised over $1 billion with minimal dilution, at least compared to what it would have cost the firm to raise the same sum a ...



    Read Full News: https://news.crunchbase.com/news/smiledirectclub-has-given-back-most-its-ipo-driven-valuation-gain/

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