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The Tai Sin Electric (SGX:500) Share Price Is Down 12% So Some Shareholders Are Getting Worried

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    These days it’s easy to simply buy an index fund, and your returns should (roughly) match the market. But even in a market-beating portfolio, some stocks will lag the market. While the Tai Sin Electric Limited (SGX:500) share price is down 12% over half a decade, the total return to shareholders (which includes dividends) was 20%. And that total return actually beats the market return of 11%. Unhappily, the share price slid 1.5% in the last week.

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    There is no denying that markets are sometimes efficient, but prices do not always reflect underlying business performance. One imperfect but simple way to consider how the market perception of a company has shifted is to compare the change in the earnings per share (EPS) with the share pr ...



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