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Bones Filled with Marrow Served as Prehistoric Humans' 'Cans of Soup'

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    People who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago may not have had pantries or supermarkets, but they stocked up on food when they could, researchers recently discovered.

    Evidence from a cave in Israel dating back more than 400,000 years suggests that after butchering their animal prey, Paleolithic humans didn't eat everything immediately. Rather, they stored bones packed with fat and tasty, nutrient-rich marrow to crack open and eat later — much as people today might open and enjoy a can of soup.

    These are the earliest clues about food storage in ancient human societies, hinting that their survival was not as hand-to-mouth as once thought, according to a new study.

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    "Bone marrow constitutes a significant source of n ...



    Read Full News: https://www.livescience.com/marrow-bones-prehistoric-soup-cans.html

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