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This Insider Has Just Sold Shares In AMERCO (NASDAQ:UHAL)

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    We wouldn’t blame AMERCO (NASDAQ:UHAL) shareholders if they were a little worried about the fact that Edward Shoen, the Chairman of the Board recently netted about US$847k selling shares at an average price of US$349. That’s a big dump, and it decreased their holding size by 12.7%, which is notable but not too bad.

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    In fact, the recent sale by Chairman of the Board Edward Shoen was not their only sale of AMERCO shares this year. Earlier in the year, they fetched US$371 per share in a -US$2.2m sale. That means that an insider was selling shares at around the current price of US$356. We generally don’t like to see insider selling, but the lower the sale price, the more it concerns us. We note that ...



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