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Dogs of the Dow- Communal News

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    Year-to-Date Return of 9.41%. Annualized Lifetime Return of 13.85%. The Coca-Cola Company, Durig's Featured Blue Chip of the Month.

    This week, Durig Capital recaps the recent performance of its own unique version of the Dogs of the Dow Strategy and benchmarks it to that of its closest peers. Also explored is the importance of portfolio correlation to the overall market, and how correlation can help to provide investors an idea of how a portfolio could theoretically perform under various market conditions.

    Durig’s Dogs of the Dow – September Performance HighlightsYear-to-Date Return of 9.41%Trailing 1 Year Return of 6.73%Annualized Lifetime Return of 13.85%

    Continued Historical Outperformance(Performance is Reported Net of Fees, 9-5-19)

    The lifetime return of Durig’s Dogs of the Dow Portfol ...



    Read Full News: https://communalnews.com/2019/09/09/dogs-of-the-dow-high-dividends-historical-outperformance/

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