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Schaff Trend Cycle in Focus For Enochian Biosciences Inc (ENOB)

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    Enochian Biosciences Inc (ENOB) shares have seen their Schaff Trend Cycle gradually uptrend this week over the past 3 sessions.  While this indicates nice price momentum, it also suggests that if the reading moves into overbought territory (STC of 70), then the liklihood of a reversal greatly increases.  Investors will be watching very closely over the next few days to see if the trend contiunes or reverses.

    The Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) indicator combines the common indicators of MACD & Stochastic. The benefit of the Schaff Trend Cycle is that it is meant to be quicker than the standard macd and stochastic signals.  The indicator uses similar methods to a MACD i.e uses exponetial moving averages but applies a cycle factor to them. Then the ‘price’ is smoothed using a mofidied Wilde ...



    Read Full News: https://addisongazette.com/schaff-trend-cycle-in-focus-for-enochian-biosciences-inc-enob/211117/

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