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Who will be the next NFL quarterback to win his first Super Bowl?

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    Many believe Dan Marino is the greatest quarterback to never win a Super Bowl. While he still made it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Super Bowl wins are tied to quarterbacks more than any other position. And getting that championship is a huge boon to a quarterback’s legacy.

    In today’s NFL, there are only eight current quarterbacks who have won a Super Bowl as a starter. Tom Brady obviously jumps to the forefront of the conversation with six titles, but he can’t win all of ‘em. Neither can Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, or Aaron Rodgers. With a ton of talented quarterbacks in the league, we’re going to see some first-time winners in the near future — especially with guys like Brady and Brees getting up there in years.

    So who will be the next one to win his first Super Bowl? We ta ...



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