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Present alteration:: Exxon Mobil Corporation, (NYSE: XOM)

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    Shareholders need to be aware of earnings manipulation that will affect the quality of the earnings number. It is important not to rely on any one financial measure, but to use it in conjunction with statement analysis and other measures.

    A sector Basic Materials based Exxon Mobil Corporation, XOM company closed its business at $67.65, by making the trend of -4.03% and showed a change of 131% from opening on 14-08-2019(Wednesday).

    Productivity Level (ROE, ROA, ROI):

    Investigating the productivity proportions of Exxon Mobil Corporation stock, the speculator will discover its ROE, ROA, ROI remaining at 9.3%, 5%, and 4.8% individually.

    Ranking Views of Recom:

    Rating Scale Calculation (1-5 Numeric Scale): Rating Scale: 1.0 Strong Buy, 2.0 Buy, 3.0 Hold, 4.0 Sell, 5.0 Strong Sell. Notabl ...



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