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Is New Gold Inc. (TSX:NGD)'s Volatility at Stake as Cash Flow Change Reaches -0.24446 – Driscoll Register

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    New Gold Inc. (TSX:NGD) has seen cash flow growth over the past year of -0.24446.  Cash flow and cash flow growth can reveal to an investor how quickly the firm is generating inflows of cash from their business operations.

    When conducting stock analysis, investors have a wide array of various classifications to choose from. Growth stocks generally have the potential to produce above average profit growth and revenues. These types of stocks tend to expand quicker than the economy as a whole. Investors also have the option of adding cyclical stocks to the portfolio. Cyclicals are generally companies whose earnings and sales are highly correlated with that of the overall economy. When the economy is doing well, cyclical stocks may be more in favor. Investors may decide to go in another ...



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