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This Crypto Asset Doesn't Exist Yet, But Soon You'll Be Able to Stake It

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    Perlin hasn’t even had the token generation event for its PERL cryptocurrency, and already a leading staking-as-a-service startup has agreed to add it to the list of assets it supports.

    Staked – which has the backing of some of the most notable funds in crypto, including Pantera, Winklevoss Capital and Coinbase Ventures – helps holders of proof-of-stake tokens maximize their returns.

    Its new listing, PERL, allows access to a suite of applications designed to aid the international trade and trade finance industry, which is still very much bogged down by paperwork, according to Perlin CEO Dorjee Sun.

    “If you were to send a container to Indonesia, it takes two days for the container to go but five days for the paperwork,” Sun explained in call with CoinDesk from Singapore.

    Sun said the ...



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