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DJ Intl Real Estate ETF SPDR (RWX) Shares Slip Lower -4.71% for the Past Four Weeks

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    Putting the focus on shares of DJ Intl Real Estate ETF SPDR (RWX) we have noted that the stock price has dropped -4.71% over the last month. Looking back over the last half-year, we can see that the stock has changed -1.60%. Over the past year, shares have seen a change of 0.56%. Following recent price performance, shares have changed -1.73% over the last 5 trading days.

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    Read Full News: https://dfsstock.com/2019/08/15/dj-intl-real-estate-etf-spdr-rwx-shares-slip-lower-4-71-for-the-past-four-weeks/

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