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Genesis G70 2.0T review: Is it a challenger?

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    Genesis has launched in Australia, bringing with it two premiere models to the Australian market: the performance focussed G70 and the limousine-esqe G80.

    The South Korean manufacturer aims to be the leading producer of premium vehicles from the nation. Such is the company's confidence in its vehicles, it won't employ traditional salespeople in its "Studios", meaning there is no haggling over price. If you want a Genesis, this is the price. Don't like it? Go complain at Mercedes-Benz.

    And while this hard-nosed stance may be off putting, Genesis is backing it up with a level of service never before seen in Australia. Owners get complimentary scheduled servicing up to 50,00km, a car collection and courtesy drop-off service, plus roadside assistance and mapping updates for five years, amo ...



    Read Full News: https://www.finder.com.au/genesis-g70-review-hands-on

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