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Market Update: Dow Jones Finishes Off In Green. Focus Needs to Be On Trade Battle

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    As the market players are aware, the trade battle between the US and China could derail the prospects of global economic growth and can also negatively impact the movement of broader stock markets. In the event of global slowdown, global investors tend to make deployments towards safer asset classes, and they liquidate their holdings in equities. Also, they avoid deployments in stock markets largely because of the risks associated with equities. In the current scenario, it can be said that the market players are fearing the risks of recession. The trade war between the US and China could weigh over the prospects of global economic growth and can negatively impact the global business environment.

    To bring stability as well as to safeguard the interests of global investors, the trade battle ...



    Read Full News: https://kalkinemedia.com/2019/08/16/market-update-dow-jones-finishes-off-in-green-focus-needs-to-be-on-trade-battle/

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