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Tall story: the journey of Patrick Cripps

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    Cripps, in his re-telling, had been having a great time in his first year out of school. Football was not yet the full-bore profession he would make it. The ruthless competitor was yet to emerge. "I used to go out most weekends, sort of like a normal 18-year-old.

    Carlton co-captain Patrick Cripps this week.Credit:Eddie Jim

    "I loved my footy but didn't have any grasp of what it took to, I suppose, be really professional.''

    He wasn't quick and clearly lacked the requisite endurance running of a midfielder. But Cripps had two distinguishing traits. One was that he could get the ball like few players. Indeed, Rogers would liken Cripps' inside work to the game's former nonpareil inside midfielder, Greg "Diesel'' Williams, on the night he was drafted, a comment that caused mild consternation a ...



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