IBM HR chief reveals how she decides which employees can work remotely

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    Business Insider

    Nickle LaMoreaux became IBM's HR chief smack in the middle of a global pandemic.

    After 20 years climbing the ranks at IBM, LaMoreaux was promoted to chief human resources officer in September. A few months in, she's considering what the pandemic has taught her about the future of work. More specifically: Is the hybrid work model, with some people in the office and some people remote, sustainable?

    When we spoke by phone in February, LaMoreaux was in IBM's Armonk, New York, office, along with a select group of colleagues. Most of IBM's staff was still working from home. (IBM has employees all over the world.)

    "We believe in the hybrid work model," LaMoreaux said. Certain work activities don't need to happen in an office; others do. The challenging bit, LaMoreaux ...



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